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Sewer Inspection

Service Price: $200.00 up to 200ft  

We specialize in Sewer Inspection, this is what we do.  We will investigate locate and  diagnose your potential sewer problems.  Our  video camera head allows us to see inside the bends and runs of your sewer pipe.  We either see a problem or see an intact line.  This service is a benefit to home owners/purchasers who need answers, or want to get ahead in a competitive real estate market.  Visible proof of clear sewer lines to a potential home buyer shows a sound investment.

Pinpoint Location
Included with inspection service.

Service Price: $150.00

An additional service we provide is Pinpoint Location a service which helps to verify the complete pass of your side sewer line.  A small transmitter located near the camera head itself makes it possible to pinpoint the location if necessary and the depth, marking the city service connection or allowing the problem area to be isolated for repair.  In most cases this procedure is an important one.  Narrowing the dig area can save time money and possible damages to your pipe during the excavation.    This service is free if requested and completed on the same day as the inspection.
Additional Inspection Locations

Service Price: $50.00

Some properties contain multiple dwellings or buildings on site.  Any building connected to your sewer system has the possibility for failure.  This service is a benefit to property owners/purchasers who want to be left with no doubts.  Every inspection after the first has the discounted Additional Inspection fee if inspected same day.

Service Price: $125.00

Sometimes an additional look is required after a repair is made.  If A line is obstructed or broken and a full inspection is not possible a Re-inspect is available.  This service benefits home owners/purchasers who require the camera to reach city connection.
Special Sewer Line Entry

Service Price: $50.00

Occasionally there is no clean-out present.  In this circumstance the only way to inspect the sewer is by toilet location, crawl space entry or roof vent pipe entry.