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Unexpected Repairs

Side sewer repairs or replacements can be expensive-averaging $5,000 to $15,000-and can often come as a surprise to property owners when sewage starts backing up into of sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and other interior drains.  Property owners should plan for side sewer maintenance and repair just as they do for replacements of roofs, furnaces, and other major working systems of the building or residence.

Residential Sewer Conservation Loan

Many cities towns and communities have instituted low interest loans for sewer repairs or replacement on existing residential side sewer pipes. Check with your local sewer and water district to learn more on this growing trend which helps reduce pollutants.   

When Should I Scope?

Many cities towns and communities agree that 25 years is old enough for a sewer inspection. We do hundreds of sewer inspections a year and know issues can be present in sewers of any age. Over the past few years I have been surprised a few times. These surprises include a small utility line run through a 5 year old plastic sewer pipe by mistake, a home half on a recent sewer hook-up and half on the old septic tank by mistake, as well as a malfunctioning grinder pump on a 3 year old home. These are not normal circumstances however they were all discovered during sewer inspections conducted by Sewer Inspector.